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Goričko Landscape Park

Size: 46,200 ha

Year of foundation: 2003

Republic of Slovenia

Public Institute of Goričko Landscape Park

47 natural values / the whole area of the park is of ecological importance, Natura 2000  area (SPA) for 11 bird species, Natura 2000 area (SCI) for 18 animal species and 7 habitat types


Javni zavod Krajinski park Goričko

Grad 191
9264 Grad

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Goričko Landscape Park

Goričko at Dawn

Goričko is a picturesque cultural landscape with dispersed farms on low hills. The mosaic of meadows, fields, orchards, vineyards and hamlets is intertwined by meandering streams, and outlines the coniferous and deciduous forests. Goričko is the Slovenian part of a Three Countries Park with Austria and Hungary and a habitat of endangered plant and animal species in Europe.

Grad Grad
Mosaic Carpet of Land Usage
Typical Goričko
The Hoopoe
Wet Meadows Krašci
Dusky Large Blue

The wrinkled Goričko lies at the crossing of the Alps and the Pannonian Basin. Dramatic volcanic events 17 million years ago and more recently 1.6 million years ago are still visible in the hills on the other side of the River Kučnica, in Austria and in the vicinity of the castle, where the biggest castle in Slovenia is situated on a solid rock of volcanic ash.

Here people here still live in harmony with nature and respect other creatures – plants and animals. And it was their established existence on this area which placed Goričko into the Three Countries Nature Park and the Natura 2000 network upon entry into the European Union. In the Three Countries park of Goričko-Raab-Őrség, three nations together protect the natural and cultural landscape as an integrated whole on more than 105,000 hectares. In the Goričko Region, there are 7 habitats listed among specially protected areas and 38 animal species, of which 14 are bird species.

All this is offered by a picturesque carpet of interlaced areas of different usage of land for a number of cultural plants on the fields, colourful meadows, vineyards, full fruit trees next to houses in dispersed settlements and roadside villages as well as forests on the ridges and shady slopes. Streams wind among them shaded by the trees and shrubs, as well as the roads connecting people between the villages. That is pleasing for hikers and cyclists who have found their paradise here.


Javni zavod
Krajinski park Goričko

Grad 191
9264 Grad

Goričko Landscape Park


  • The standing water in Goričko was created by man. The largest is Lake Ledava, followed by the Bukovnica, Hodoš and Križevci Lakes. These have attracted aquatic and riparian birds which nest in the white willows and reeds.
  • Wet meadows in the Goričko Region are located in the river valleys. These are the habitat of the Siberian blue and yellow water iris, lemon daylilies, and white daffodils in some places.
  • Dry meadows on the slopes, on acidic sandy soil are rich with flowers, meadow orchids, and the smell of thyme.
  • Mixed deciduous-coniferous forests feature the world of fungi, deer, and bats, forest birds and smaller mammals.
  • A geologically interesting world can be found in the north-western part in the triangle between the Serdica Hill, Sotinje Hill and Beli breg as well as the settlements of Nuskova and Grad.


  • Theme Trails
  • Hiking
  • Events at Grad (the Castle)




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