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Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve

Size: 122 ha

Year of foundation: 

Republic of Slovenia

The Bird Watching and Study Association of Slovenia (DOPPS)

1 natural values (the whole area of the nature reserve)/ the whole reserve is of ecological importance Natura 2000 area (SCA) for 2 animal species and 5 habitat types.


Naravni rezervat Škocjanski zatok
Društvo za opazovanje in proučevanje ptic Slovenije

Sermin 50
6000 Koper

+ 386 (0)5 626 03 70

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Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve

Bird's-Eye View

On the border between the sea and the land, where the rivers Rižana and Badaševica used to flow into the sea, lies the Škocjan Inlet Nature Reserve: the last witness to the insular past of Koper and the Slovenian largest brackish wetland, which has today again become a natural gem thanks to human love and dedication.

The common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
Central Bird's Hide
Inside the Hide
Islands and pools
Visitor Center
Podolian Cattle

The Škocjan Inlet Nature Reserve is as an oasis of peace at the threshold of Koper, alluring for anyone who wants to learn about nature and experience it. The main attractions for visitors are sports activities and relaxation, as well as the observation of animal and plant species. The unique variety of species, mainly birds, the small surface area and special infrastructure for the observation of nature, which is also adapted for persons with special needs, make every visit special.

The goal of the protection of the Škocjan Inlet is the conservation of brackish and freshwater habitats and bird habitats, which nest, winter and stop during migration in this inlet in large numbers. Besides the birds, visitors can see dragonflies and butterflies in all colours and listen to the frogs croaking. In the wet meadows, the vegetation is balanced by Podolian cattle and Camargue horses grazing. The inlet is distinguished by halophytes– plants, adapted to grow on salty ground.

The Škocjan Inlet is a good example of cooperation between the representatives of civil society and the members of the Bird Watching and Study Association of Slovenia who have prevented the Škocjan Inlet from completely drying out and being covered with buildings. After 1993 the area was protected and in 1998 it was permanently protected. Since 1999 it has been carefully managed by the Bird Watching and Study Association.


Center za obiskovalce
NR Škocjanski zatok

Sermin 50
6000 Koper

Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve


  • In the Škocjan Inlet the freshwater, brackish and maritime habitats are uniquely intertwined.
  • In the last decade more than 246 bird species have been recorded in the Inlet, which is more than 60% of all the species which had been observed in Slovenia.
  • The Škocjan Inlet belongs to the most important nesting places of herons, water rails, great reed warblers, Eurasian reed warblers, common terns and black-winged stilts in Slovenia.
  • Due to the revival of the pasture for cattle and horses, the freshwater part of the reserve was populated by cattle egrets, while dung beetles and scarabs returned to the Slovenian coast.
  • The inlet is distinguished by silt and gravel shores, where halophytes grow – plants, adapted to grow on salty ground. They have adapted to the extreme conditions in their habitat similarly to desert plants: with fleshy leaves and stems, where they store water, which they pump during rain, when the concentration of salt in the ground decreases.


  • Bird watching
  • Hiking trail
  • Guided tours


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