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We are lucky enough to still have some primeval forests – a treasure of knowledge and information about natural processes. Through the dimension of time, they teach us about the transience and understanding of harmony of different and diverse time dimensions of ecosystem. Through the dimension of space, they teach us about fighting for survival through adapting, sustaining everything necessary for live, minimal use resources and life in the community of biodiversity. As primeval forests demand tranquillity they are not suitable for mass tourism.

Primeval forest Krokar
Primeval forest Krokar
Primeval forest Pečka
Primeval forest Pečka
Prim. forest Donačka gora
Primeval forest Donačka gora
Prim. for. Krakovski gozd
Primeval forest Krakovski gozd

There are 14 primeval forests in Slovenia; together they cover 540 hectares.

  1. primeval forest Krokar
  2. primeval forest Prelesnikova koliševka
  3. primeval forest Pečka
  4. primeval forest  Strmec
  5. primeval forest Kopa
  6. primeval forest Rajhenavski Rog 
  7. primeval forest Bukov vrh
  8. primeval forest Ždrocle
  9. primeval forest Gorjanci -
    Trdinov vrh
  10. primeval forest Ravna gora
  11. Krakovski primeval forest
  12. primeval forest Belinovec
  13. primeval forest Donačka gora
  14. primeval forest Šumik

Primeval forests in Slovenia

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